Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Configuring Multi-Room Sound with Amazon Alexa

It's now easy to configure multi-room sound using your Amazon Alexa devices, which can deliver synchronized music through-out your home.  This works with Amazon...

Introducing Echo Connect

Echo Connect turns your Amazon Echo into a hands-free speaker phone.  Once you connect your land line and configure your device, you will be...

Introducing Echo Spot

Take a look at this review of the new Amazon Echo Spot.  This device bundles the capabilities of the Echo Dot, with a small...

Introducing Echo Plus

Echo Plus offers all the same capabilities of the Amazon Echo, but now includes a built-in smart home hub.  This allows you to integrate...

All New Amazon Echo

The second generation of the Amazon Echo has all the capabilities of the original version, but now offers six styles, improved sound, and a...
Amazon Wandvideo

Introducing Amazon Dash Wand

On-line grocery shopping just became a lot easier with the Amazon Dash Wand.  It allows you to add items to your Amazon shopping cart...
Multi-room Music with the Amazon Echo

Multi-Room Music with Amazon Echo

Now it's possible to play the same music on multiple Amazon Echo devices throughout your home. Amazon calls this Multi-Room Music, and many will find...
Amazon Echo

Use Alexa to Control Amazon Fire TV

Have you ever wanted to control your TV without a remote control. Now you can using Alexa to control your Amazon Fire TV.  Once...
Amazon Echo

Shop by using your Amazon Echo Devices

Shopping for your daily items has never been more convenient!  You can now place orders through your Alexa device.  To better understand what you...
Amazon Echo Showvideo

Introducing Echo Show

Meet the worlds first personal assistant that includes a built-in display.  The Amazon Echo Show is Alexa at the core, but now she can...

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