Configuring Multi-Room Sound with Amazon Alexa


It’s now easy to configure multi-room sound using your Amazon Alexa devices, which can deliver synchronized music through-out your home.  This works with Amazon Music and several other music providers.  In an effort to deliver quality audio without noticeable lag, this may not work with your external bluetooth speakers.



To configure this feature you first need to open the ‘Settings’ page in the Amazon Alexa App.  From the ‘Settings’ page select ‘Multi-Room Music’.


The next step is to create a group name.  Use the ‘Add Group’ feature and name it “Everywhere”.


The final step is to select the devices you wish to included in this group.

Now try it out by using the following voice commands.

  • “play music by <artist> everywhere”
  • “play <song> by <artist> everywhere”
  • “play <album> by <artist> everywhere”
  • “play <genre> music everywhere”

You may create different groups to identify different spaces within your home.  Examples include downstairs, upstairs, etc…



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