Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Configuring Multi-Room Sound with Amazon Alexa

It's now easy to configure multi-room sound using your Amazon Alexa devices, which can deliver synchronized music through-out your home.  This works with Amazon Music and several other music providers.  In an effort to...

Introducing Echo Connect

Echo Connect turns your Amazon Echo into a hands-free speaker phone.  Once you connect your land line and configure your device, you will be able to make and receive calls from your Amazon Echo....

Meet Google Home Max

If you need to pump up the volume of your Google Home device, look no farther than Google Home Max.  While it also includes Google Assistant, this device was designed to play your tunes...

Introducing Google Home Mini

The easiest way to jump start or expand your Google Home system is with the Google Home Mini!  At $50 or less, the Google Assistant is now very affordable.  This small device offers good...

Introducing Echo Spot

Take a look at this review of the new Amazon Echo Spot.  This device bundles the capabilities of the Echo Dot, with a small color display.  This design makes Echo Spot an excellent alarm...

Introducing Echo Plus

Echo Plus offers all the same capabilities of the Amazon Echo, but now includes a built-in smart home hub.  This allows you to integrate 3rd party external devices such as lighting, power switches, locks,...

All New Amazon Echo

The second generation of the Amazon Echo has all the capabilities of the original version, but now offers six styles, improved sound, and a lower price.  If you're looking to purchase your first Amazon...

The Nest Security System

This video provides an glimpse of the Nest Security Solution when fully deployed.  Many of the devices are available today, with a few shipping in early 2018.  Nest devices are supported by the Google...

Early look at the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Get an early peek of the upcoming Video Doorbell by Nest.  This of course is a key component of the Nest Security Solution.  Available in early 2018.

Meet the Nest Secure Alarm System

While Nest is well known for their security cameras, they are now offering the components to provide a complete home security solution.  Nest Guard is the brains of the system, which includes an alarm...

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